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Mckenzie Ski School

Water Sports & Ski School

If you have never been water skiing and want to learn, McKenzie Water Ski School is the place for you. Our instructors have extensive training and experience to teach you how to get up and skiing on your own with in minutes. One ski, Two Skis, or Wakeboarding, whatever you want to learn we are here to help you achieve your goals and have fun doing it.

Our typical lesson is a two mile course and lasts approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. It begins with fitting you to the proper life jacket and skis/wakeboard. Your lesson then continues with some on the dock instruction explaining the process and technique of how to get up out of the water on your first attempt. Upon completing the dry land instruction you will then be helped into the water and placed next to your instructor who will ski next to you and help you get on top of the water. Once you are up and skiing, your instructor will continue to help you learn the proper technique and maneuvers needed to get through even the toughest water conditions. When you reach the half way point of the lesson your instructor will signal the boat driver to slow down to a stopped position and allow you to take a rest. After giving your arms and legs a rest you will then proceed with your lesson by making another start and begin making your way back to the dock.

With over 70 years of experience, McKenzie Water Ski School can teach anyone how to ski as long as the desire lies within the one taking the lesson. We also have experience teaching blind, deaf and autistic.

So come by and visit us. Our commitment is to make your time spent at our school a memorable experience full of fun, success and laughter.

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(909) 337-3814
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